GIG is pleased to announce the appointments of Marisol Oyola and James O’Caiside.

Marisol has joined GIG today as our new Campaign Operations Manager, she will be taking over for Ina Goldbach, who will begin maternity leave soon. Marisol’s responsibilities include managing client and sales partner relationships, client campaigns and the coordination and primary support to the marketing companies for client campaigns. She has over 9 years of experience, both national and international, in the supply chain, logistics, sales and marketing areas. Marisol has worked in different industries, including automotive, maritime, education and wine, with exceptional records in process improvement and cost reduction. She holds a postgraduate degree in operation and logistics management, business internationalisation, and an ongoing Master’s degree in global project management.

James joins GIG as the Canterbury General Manager in New Zealand. James will be responsible for the performance of the Christchurch Sales team. He will be managing Gig Canterbury’s clients, staff and strategy and will initially focus on the major city Christchurch and creating a cornerstone base in the region. James has almost 10 years of experience as a Managing Director in the direct sales sector, specialising in non for profit, energy and telecommunications. Additionally, he has spent 6 years working in the investment and finance sector, capital investment management and client investment portfolios. With a focus on human analytics and interpersonal relations, James has run training and development workshops across New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. Similarly, James has worked as a business adviser, strategist and been a keynote speaker in the property and investment industry.