About GIG

We empower every individual and brand we work with to thrive and be difference makers.

Establish relationships and credibility

GIG believes in investing in people, changing lives for the better, and making a difference in our World.
People-to-people marketing has the power to create moments of genuine connection and real conversation. These authentic moments are good for our customers, our agents, and good for the brands we work with.

People are at the heart of everything

When you put the human back into marketing, not only are you more effective, but you make a positive impact on everyone you work with, everyone working for you, and the wider World around you.

Educate, Engage, Empower

When we take on agents, we’re looking for people ready to build a career, ready to grab that opportunity for development and education with both hands. That quality, passion and dedication affects every person they interact with, and spreads through every aspect of the GIG network. We strive to give our team the opportunities to flourish, our clients the opportunity to grow, and our customers the opportunity to be marketed to in a way that feels good. We educate, we engage and we empower.

News and articles from the brand frontline

We’re always looking for ways to make a difference. This is what’s going on in our world right now.

The positive impact of supportive work environments and holistic HR practices

The sales industry has long been known for a hardcore attitude towards […]

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Face-to-face connection is vital (and effective)

What would our world be without face-to-face interaction? In the age of […]

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The rise of brand purpose

Spending money on brands with purpose is more important to consumers than […]

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